Electricity Consents

The CRU has functions relating to the transfer of the ESB’s powers to developers in order to proceed to construct contestable overhead and underground lines. Only the holder of an authorisation or the holder of a direct line permission under Section 37 of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999 can apply for Section 48 and Section 49 consents.

Our Role in Consenting Electricity Wayleaves

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) grants consents for the following wayleaves.

  • Section 48: The power to lay electric lines across or under a street, road, railway or tramway, and the right to break up any street, road, railway or tramway for that purpose.
  • Section 49: The power to lay electric lines across or under any land not being a street, road, railway, or tramway.

The CRU has a process for reviewing and assessing such applications.

How to apply for a Section 48 or Section 49 consent

To apply, submit an application form and supporting documentation to the CRU for review and evaluation.

Full details of the application process are set out in the Guidance.

If you have any queries about a Section 48 or Section 49 consent, contact the CRU at consentapplication@cru.ie.


No fees apply at this time.