Natural Gas Shipping and Supply Licences

The CRU grants, revokes and enforces Natural Gas Shipping and Supply Licences. Any person or company who intends to ship or supply natural gas to a final customer requires a shipping and/or supply licence from the CRU.

Natural gas shippers

A gas shipper brings gas into the transportation system for delivery to individual homes and premises. The transportation system is managed by Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) under contractual arrangements (the Code of Operations) between shippers and GNI.

Gas Supplier

Gas suppliers have a direct contractual relationship with end customers for the supply of gas. Some very large final customers also act as their own shippers.

Industry requirements

Prospective gas shippers and suppliers must fulfil a number of industry requirements. More information is available at Gas Networks Ireland - Services for Shippers and Suppliers.

Assignments and Transfer, Change of Control, Extensions and Revocation

Following the granting and issuing of a licence, licensees may request consent from the CRU for: