What is HE CHP Certification

HE CHP is defined on the basis of primary energy savings (PES). The certification process helps ensure that the generation plant meets the high-efficiency criteria set out in legislation. HE CHP plants will typically be certified on the basis of operational data for a twelve-month period.

Further information

Criteria for certification

The criteria that a CHP generator must comply with to become HE CHP certified, including details of how PES is calculated are in these documents :

Certification Process for High Efficiency CHP (CER/12/125)

Assessment of Useful Heat for High Efficiency CHP - Clarification (CER/12/184)

Repealed Harmonised Efficiency Reference Values for Separate Production of Electricity and Heat Information Note (CER/16/153)

Clarification note on the assessment of sorption chillers in the certification process for High Efficiency CHP (CRU/17/302)

Clarification note – HE CHP assessments where there are two or more units on a single site

High Efficiency CHP Clarification Note on Anaerobic Digestion Useful Heat (CRU20142)

Application process

The CRU has a standardised process for applications from CHP generators to be assessed for certification as HE CHP.

The certification process is designed to ensure that the CHP generator meets the high-efficiency criteria set out in legislation, as detailed in the documents above. The process involves the review and assessment of applications from both existing generators and new generators that have not been certified previously.

Parties applying for certification must submit a completed application form and provide relevant supporting documentation to the CRU for review and evaluation.

How to apply

Complete the relevant application form and email it, with supporting documentation, to the CRU.

Application forms can be found within the following document:

Application form for certification process

Email for applications and correspondence: hechp@cru.ie


No fees apply at this time.

Compliance assurance

After certification, HE CHP generators may be audited to ensure the robustness of the certification process.