LPG Safety Licences

It is important that all operators of piped LPG distribution networks are regulated with respect to safety. This is to protect the general public, and in particular, end customers, from safety risks associated with piped LPG distribution networks.

The CRU granted LPG Safety Licences to the following LPG undertakings in 2015:

Licences are granted in accordance with section 9JE (3) of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, as amended by the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2012.

Class 1 LPG safety licence

LPG safety licences issued to Calor Teoranta and Flogas Ireland Limited are examples of a Class 1 safety licence. A Class 1 LPG safety licence and safety case is required where a person imports LPG or purchases LPG directly from a refinery within the State and is operating more than 10 piped LPG distribution networks.

Class 2 LPG safety licence

The CRU is currently awaiting changes to legislation to enable the CRU to licence all LPG operators that supply two or more domestic customers. A person will be required to hold a Class 2 LPG safety licence if they operate 10 or less piped LPG distribution networks.

How to apply

For information on applying for an LPG Safety Licence, contact the CRU's Gas Safety Framework team: info@cru.ie

Compliance assurance

The CRU monitors compliance with an undertaking’s safety case through regular audits and inspections of licensed natural gas and LPG undertakings

The CRU has significant enforcement powers where undertakings are found not to be in compliance with their safety cases, including the power to direct an undertaking to submit an improvement plan and to serve improvement and prohibition notices.

Undertakings can be fined for failure to comply with enforcement actions.