Regulating energy and water for a changing climate

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator.

Smart Meters

By the end of 2024, every home and business in Ireland will have a smart meter. Smart meters will give you more information on your electricity use and other useful benefits.

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Smart meter

Active Consumers

The CRU is currently developing an enabling regulatory framework to empower active consumers and energy communities to participate in energy markets.

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Two pair of feet on radiator

The work of the CRU impacts every Irish home and business. Our work ensures that energy and water supplies are safe, secure, and sustainable. We operate within a policy and statutory framework set by the Government for the benefit of all customers.

Arrears and Disconnections Report

Update on arrears and non-payment of account disconnections.

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The CRU has a dedicated platform where you can participate in public consultations.

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Security of Supply

The CRU is working on a programme of actions to ensure Ireland has a stable and resilient supply of energy. As Ireland moves to a low-carbon economy, the transition will bring new challenges to ensure security of supply.