Network Connections

Connections to gas and electricity networks


All new connections to the transmission and distribution gas network are the responsibility of Gas Networks Ireland. These connections are managed in conjunction with the CRU.

The Gas Networks Ireland Connections Policy is a single policy dealing with connections to the transmission and distribution gas networks.

The aim of this policy is to provide the connection of new gas customers in an efficient manner.

The policy sets out the conditions for the assessment of extensions to the gas network, including extensions to towns not currently served by natural gas.


The Commission for Regulation of Utilities sets the policy for connection to the electricity network in Ireland.

The CRU sets the policies for customers to connect to the Irish gas and electricity networks. Based on the CRU’s policy directions, the System Operators issue connection offers to generators and storage projects. The electricity network's Transmission System Operator (TSO) is EirGrid and the Distribution System Operator (DSO) is ESB Networks. The gas network’s TSO and DSO is Gas Networks Ireland.

Customers seeking to connect to the gas network should consult the Gas Networks Ireland connections policy:

Customers seeking to connect over 40 MW at a single location should consult EirGrid Transmission connection information:

Customers seeking to connect up to 40 MW at a single location should consult ESB Networks Distribution connection information: