Active consumers and energy communities will play a significant part in Ireland’s transition to green energy and will contribute to the climate action target of net zero emissions by 2050.

An Active Consumer is an individual who:

  • generates renewable energy for their own consumption, or
  • sells or stores excess generated electricity, or
  • participates in energy efficiency schemes, or
  • provides flexibility services,

provided these activities are not their primary profession.

An Energy Community is a group of active consumers, who voluntarily commit to providing environmental, social, or economic welfare by engaging in:

  • renewable energy generation,
  • energy sharing or trading,
  • storage, or
  • supply,

provided these activities are not for commercial purposes and do not constitute the primary profession of the members of the community.

In developing the enabling framework for these consumer groups, the CRU will hold a number of public consultations. For more information see CRU Clean Energy Package Roadmap.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers advice and financial support to energy communities. They also provide mentoring support for communities. For more information, please see SEAI’s Community Enabling Framework.

The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Communication (DECC) offer supports to active consumers and energy communities engaged in microgeneration.