It is the CRU’s role to grant, revoke and enforce Licences.  The CRU may grant a licence to supply electricity under section 14 (1) of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999.  Any person or company who intends to supply electricity to a final customer requires a supply licence from the CRU.

Applications for an electricity supply licence are made directly to the CRU. Applications must be made using the CRU Supply Licence Application Form. The CRU will process applications when all of the information requested in this form is submitted. At present these requirements apply for all supply licence applicants regardless of the size of the applicant’s planned supply business.

Electricity Supply:

The Electricity Supply Licence Application Form - PDF format

The Electricity Supply Licence Guidance Notes - PDF format

Supporting Documents and Procedures

Prospective electricity suppliers must fulfil a number of industry requirements. More information is available on the following websites:

  • RMDS - Retail Market Design Service (RMDS) is the “ringfenced function within ESB Networks responsible for all aspects of the retail electricity market design on behalf of the CRU.
  • SEMO - Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) who facilitate the continuous operation and administration of the Single Electricity Market.

Application Fee

The fee for a Supply Licence application is €254. This fee may be reviewed from time to time.

Assignments and Transfer, Change of Control, Extensions and Revocation

Following the granting and issuing of a licence, licensees may request consent from the CRU for subsequent actions.

  • Assignment & Transfer
  • Change of Control
  • Extensions
  • Revocation

1.       Assignment and Transfer – Condition 16

Every issued Electricity Supply Licence contains provisions regarding the assignment/ transfer of the licence.  The licence can be assigned to anyone else once they are capable of fulfilling the conditions of the licence. They must have the same capabilities as the original licence holder.

In the case of an assignment/transfer there is a requirement to notify CRU PRIOR to assignment/transfer.  This allows CRU to analyse the suitability of the proposed new licence holder. 

2.       Change of control – Condition 17

The term change means that the majority control of the licensee changes by way of an asset sale or sale of shares.  Where a change of control arises there is no licence requirement to obtain prior permission from the CRU However CRU should be notified within 3 months of the change of control.

3.       Extension

Under Schedule 2 of the Electricity Supply Licence, the Commission may revoke the licence if the Licensee has not commenced carrying on the Supply Business within 6 months of the date the licence comes into force.  CRU can grant an extension where is satisfied that the delay is beyond reasonable control of the licensee. 

Once the CRU is satisfied that an extension can be granted a letter is issued via post to the licence holder along with a scanned copy via email.

4.       Revocation

Revocation can be made at the consent of the licensee or grantee or by the CRU in accordance with the grounds for revocation provided in Schedule 2 of the licence. It requires the agreement of the licensee and/or 30 days’ notice.  CRU would engage with the licensee before a revocation was considered.