Authorisation to Construct

In order to construct or reconstruct an interconnector, a person must have an Authorisation to Construct or Reconstruct.

It is the CRU’s role to grant, monitor the performance of, modify, revoke and enforce these Authorisations. This role is set out in the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, as amended.

How to Apply

Pre-submission Meetings

New applicants or applicants with novel or complex applications are encouraged to avail of a pre-submission meeting with CRU. At this meeting, CRU will set out the application and assessment process and answer any questions the applicant may have following their review of the guidance notes and application forms. To request a pre-submission meeting please contact the team at

Guidance Notes and Application Forms

Please note that the CRU application forms and guidance notes are updated periodically. Applicants should always use the most up to date version available on the website when applying.

Current versions: August 2020

Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes have been published to assist applicants in preparing their application. Appendix I of the Guidance Notes include a Completeness Check, detailing the information and supporting documentation required by CRU for a valid application. The Guidance Notes also contain answers to some FAQs that applicants may find useful. Please ensure that you read these Guidance Notes prior to preparing and submitting your application as this will ensure your application is accepted and assessed in a timely and efficient manner.

Guidance Notes - Interconnectors

Application Forms

Application for an Authorisation to Construct an Interconnector

Application Fees

The current fee for an application for an Authorisation to Construct an Interconnector is €20,000.


A person who constructs an interconnector without an Authorisation is liable to a fine of up to €127,000. These powers are set out in Section 16 of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999 as amended.

Interconnector Operator Licence

Regarding an Interconnector Operating Licence, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) decision paper CER/11/055 stated that “The CER [now CRU] will grant this [interconnector operating] licence upon application to those that already have been issued with an authorisation to construct an interconnector pursuant to Section 16 of the 1999 Act, who by this process, would be automatically eligible to receive a licence to operate the same interconnector.” CRU will inform eligible parties of the application process for an Interconnector Operator licence at the appropriate tim