A primary responsibility of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is to regulate the retail market for the benefit of all energy consumers. The CRU carries out this responsibility by promoting competition, enhancing consumer protection and by providing oversight of the electricity and gas retail markets.

The CRU oversees the market through a number of governance groups with representation from all suppliers.

Industry Governance Group (IGG)

The Industry Governance Group (IGG) is made up of electricity suppliers with the administrative duties of the group residing with the Retail Market Design Service (RMDS). More detail can be found at their website.

Gas Market Retail Advisory Group (Gmarg)

For gas, the Gas Market Arrangements Retail Group (Gmarg) coordinates the market design with administrative support provided by Gas Networks Ireland. More information visit the Gmarg website

Market Design

All changes to the market design must be approved by the CRU. The CRU also ensures that participants in the market complete a process of assurance to certify that their systems and resources are sufficient to operate in the retail market. For more information on entry to the market and the end-to-end market assurance processes, please visit RMDS’s website.

Consumer Stakeholders Group (CSG)

The CRU also engages regularly with consumer interest groups through through the Consumer Stakeholder Group (CSG). The CSG meets on a quarterly basis and allows the CRU to provide updates on various works areas under our remit.

The CSG also provides a platform for representatives from consumer interest groups to raise issues and concerns with the CRU directly.