Monitoring and evaluating the electricity and gas retail markets is a key element of the CRU’s activities. The CRU carries out a number of studies and surveys on the energy market to identify trends in switching, disconnections, financial hardship prices and market share.

The CRU also publishes more regular updates each quarter outlining developments in the electricity and gas retail markets These studies inform the CRU’s approach to regulating the market and ensuring that consumers are benefiting from competition.



Market Monitoring

The CRU is required to monitor retail markets across a range of indicators, to take action where necessary, to prevent distortion or restriction of competition in the supply of electricity and gas to final customers, and to ensure that final customers are benefiting from competition in the supply of electricity.

The CRU has a detailed market monitoring framework which reports on a wide range of metrics, including market share, switching rates, disconnections and prices.

These indicators provide an enhanced level of oversight of how the market is operating and facilitates the CRU to take any necessary action in the interests of customers.

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Annual (2017)



The consumer survey

The Annual Consumer Survey is an essential element of the CRU’s market monitoring activity and examines consumer’s attitudes and experience in domestic and SME gas and electricity markets. More information on the annual consumer survey results can be found on the publications page.

The CRU recently undertook an in-depth review of the development of competition in the electricity and gas retail markets since market liberalisation. This study represents a consolidated overview of the development of the retail market. the Consumer Survey reports can be found on our Publications section.


As part of its compliance monitoring activities, the CRU conducts regular and ad-hoc audits to ensure that suppliers adhere to the requirements outlined in the Supplier’s Handbook. One such audit is carried out annually, where the CRU examines suppliers’ compliance with the requirements of specific Codes of Practice. For more information on recent audits carried out by the CRU Publications page.