Make a complaint

If you have an issue with your energy supplier or network operator, you should:

  1. tell them through their complaints process
  2. if you are not happy with their response, you can make a formal complaint to the CRU

Contact your operator or supplier

Your bill should have contact details for your supplier and network operator. If you can't find contact details check our list of all energy suppliers in the Irish market for contact information.

Tips when making a complaint

We recommend that you submit your complaint to your supplier or operator in writing either by post or email. Before making a complaint, you should:

  • think about what outcome you want
  • how you'll explain your issue
  • gather any information such as bills, letters, account details, or notes of previous conversations which you might need to support your complaint.

While making a complaint, you should:

  • ask for a complaint reference number
  • only send copies of original documents
  • keep a record of any documents
  • take note of:
    • your conversations with the supplier or network including the name and title of the person you spoke to and the date of the call
    • any commitments or agreements that the supplier or network makes including promises to call you back

What service and timelines to expect

In general, suppliers will acknowledge and resolve customer complaints within a few days. More complex or technical complaints may take longer.

Each supplier has to publish a Code of Practice on complaint handling on its website. This must set out an easy complaints process for customers to use when they are having issues.

The supplier Code of Practice includes timelines to resolve customer complaints.

To see what standard of service you are entitled to when you have a complaint review your supplier's Code of Practice on Complaint Handling.

Find out more about the Codes of Practice and the CRU's role in Customer Protection.

Complain to the CRU

If you cannot resolve your complaint with our energy supplier or network operator, you can complain to the CRU

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