Domestic and business customers need to contact Irish Water directly to arrange new connections.

New connections generally entail the digging of new trenches and laying of new pipework. Irish Water’s responsibility for the pipework will generally end at the boundary of the premises. Sometimes a number of properties will share a connection pipe. Irish Water’s responsibility in these cases will end at the edge of the land belonging to the property furthest from the water or wastewater works.

The charge associated with any new connection is aligned with the charges that were in place with the relevant local authority before Irish Water was created. Irish Water will be able to advise you on the charge applicable for your connection.

For more information on the Irish Water connection process and to start the connection process, you should visit the connections page on the Irish Water website.



Irish Water are prohibited from disconnecting any domestic property.


Non-domestic premises must pay water charges. If these charges are not paid Irish Water have powers to take you to the District Court to recover the charges. Alternatively Irish Water may disconnect the water supply. Disconnection action is rare and is only carried out as a last resort.