Smart meters use the latest digital technology to give up-to-date details on your electricity use. There is no need for time-consuming meter readings or an estimated bill. Both you and your supplier have instant access to the latest information about your electricity use.

With a smart meter, you have the power to lower your carbon footprint and take control of how much you spend – all thanks to smart services.

Smart services

Once you have a smart meter, talk to your electricity supplier about the smart services they offer. Smart services give you more choice and allow you to move your electricity use to times of the day that make sense for you.

Time of Use tariff

All electricity suppliers must offer you a Time of Use tariff. A Time of Use tariff is a smart service that means the cost of electricity changes depending on the time of day. Contact your supplier to choose the best Time of Use tariff for you.

Lower your carbon footprint

Time of Use tariffs don’t just allow you to save money. Moving to a cheaper, off-peak time also makes room for renewable power in our national grid.

Ireland is moving towards an environmentally friendly, carbon-free electricity network. Smart metering and smart services help us cut CO2 emissions and lowers our reliance on fossil fuels.

Your smart meter data

Your smart meter will collect data on your electricity use every 30 minutes. This accurate reading will allow you to make more informed choices, perhaps shifting some of your energy use to off-peak times, when it’s cheaper.

This data will only be read by your supplier if you have given them permission and asked to use a smart service. If you choose to switch to a Time of Use tariff, your supplier will let you know what data will be collected.

Every day, ESB Networks will collect data from your smart meter. This will state the amount of electricity used over the last 24-hours. This data will inform billing and support customers who are switching suppliers or moving premises.

ESB Networks will also collect data about the meter itself. They will store all data in a central Meter Data Management System. They commit to complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and making sure all personal data is safe and secure.

Your data usage and smart meters

You can view and download your electricity data once you sign up to your ESBN Customer Online Account

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