The CRU provide a free an easy to use complaint resolution service for customers with unresolved complaints. We will deal with all complaints as quickly as possible and provide you with an outcome that is clear and easy to understand.

There are six basic steps in our complaint resolution process and these are shown in the picture below. There is more detailed information about each step below the picture as well as details about how long each step normally takes.

The Complaint Resolution Process – Step by Step

There is more detailed information on each step in the CRU complaint process below, with information about each step and the average time it takes for complaints to be processed.

The Customer Care Team has a customer charter that sets out our core values and details our commitments to customers. If you would like to review a copy, then open our Customer Charter.  

Step 1 - Complete and Submit Your Complaint

All complaints must be submitted to the CRU in writing. Complaints can be submitted using our complaint form or through our online form. The form can be downloaded in a word or pdf version, depending on your preference. Clicking on the links below will open up your preferred version.

You can send your completed complaint form to the Customer Care Team either by email or post. To see the different ways to contact us, you can go to the Customer Care Team page. The online complaint form can be found by clicking on the tab to the left.

Tips for Completing the CRU Complaint Form

  • Think about what outcome you want and how you want to put forward your argument.
  • Gather any information you need including bills, letters, account details, notes of previous conversations and any other relevant documents.
  • Do not send originals of related documents. Send a copy and retain the original.
  • Please provide as much detail as you can – this is your chance to tell us what happened and how you were impacted.

Step 2 - CRU Check

When we receive your completed complaint form, we will contact the relevant supplier or network operator to check that the complaint has completed their complaint handling process. Once they confirm that it has completed their process, we will ask them to complete a report on their handling of the complaint.

Once we have confirmation from the supplier or network operator, we will also respond to you to acknowledge that your complaint has been accepted. At this point we will give you a unique reference number. Please quote this in all correspondence with us. It may take up to 5 working days to acknowledge your complaint due to the need to process and receive confirmation.

It is important to highlight that the CRU can only examine complaints that remain unresolved after the customer has completed the relevant company’s complaint process. This means that if you have not completed the appropriate complaints handling process we will refer you back to the company and advise you how to log a complaint with them.

Step 3 - Provide Your Comments

Once we receive the report from the supplier or network operator, we will forward the complete report to you. We will ask you to review their report and respond to us with any comments. If there is anything that you disagree with or if there is any further information that you wish to provide as part of your complaint, you are free to do so.

It will normally be about 10-15 working days after we acknowledge your complaint that we will send on the company’s report. We will give you a further 10 working days to come back to us with any further comments or information that you have.

Step 4 - CRU Investigation

Once the information from both sides is gathered, the complaint file is assigned to one of our agents. They will then review all of the information that has been provided. If they require any further information from you or the supplier, they will follow up with them to seek clarity on any particular points in the complaint.

The amount of time the investigation takes will depend on the complexity of the case as well as the volume of cases that the Customer Care Team is handling at the time.

Step 5 - Proposed Decision

Once the agent has completed their investigation they will draft a proposed decision on the complaint. This proposed decision sets out the CRU’s findings and the proposed resolution. If the agent feels that there is any compensation warranted, the proposed amount will be included in the document. The proposal may also include any instructions that the CRU has for the company in order to resolve the issue.

The proposed decision is sent to the customer and the company. Both are given 10 working days to respond to the CRU with any comments in relation to the proposed decision. This is the final opportunity to submit any arguments or information.

Step 6 - Final Decision

Any responses to the proposed decision will be taken into consideration. The CRU will then issue a final decision on the complaint. The decision may include details of any compensation to be awarded or any other directions to be given in order to resolve the issue.

If the CRU awards compensation, the supplier or network operator must make the payment to the customer within 14 days or within one billing period if it is in the form of credit to the customer’s account.

We aim to issue final decisions within 90 days of receipt of a customer’s completed complaint form. However this timeframe can vary depending on the volume of complaints we are handling and where a complaint involves technical issues.


The final decisions on complaints that are made by the CRU are not subject to appeal.

Any decisions that are made by the CRU for payment of compensation, refunds or charter payments are binding on the supplier or network operator. Any instructions for remedial actions included in a final decision are also binding on them.

If you are not happy with the CRU’s findings on any complaint then you are free to take your complaint to another forum. The Courts or the Small Claims Court may take the matter further for you.

Contact Us

We are here to help you. If you have any questions about logging a complaint with an energy company or with the CRU, you can contact the CRU’s Customer Care Team. To see the different ways to contact us, go to the Customer Care Team page.