From time to time you may experience difficulty with your bill, your connection to the electricity or natural gas network or some other issue relating to your natural gas or electricity supply. If you are unable to resolve your problem, the CRU offers a free and independent complaint resolution service.

Our goal is to offer customers a free and easy to use complaint resolution service. However, before we can deal with your complaint you will need to log your complaint with your supplier or network operator and complete their complaint handling process. If you have not logged a complaint with them yet, click on the “Log a Complaint with Your Supplier” tab on the left. You’ll find information on how to log a complaint and what rights you have.

If you have completed the complaints handling process of a supplier or network operator and you are still not happy, then you should log a formal complaint with the CRU. We can investigate the matter and issue a decision that is legally binding on the energy company. For more information on our process and how to log a complaint, click on the “Log a Complaint with the CRU” tab on the left.

Please note that you do not need to have a legal advisor to use our complaint resolution service.