Apply for a new connection

You must apply to ESB Networks for a new electricity connection if:

  • your home has never been connected to the network before
  • it has been disconnected for more than two years

You can find more information and apply for a new electricity connection on ESB Networks' website. You can also contact ESB Networks on 1800 372 999.

Choose an electricity supplier

ESB Networks don't supply your electricity. You must choose an electricity supplier and set up your account before ESB Networks connect you.

You can choose an electricity supplier from our list of all energy suppliers.

Cost to connect

Connection costs depend on a number of factors. For reconnections following disconnection the costs will vary depending on whether your property has been disconnected for more or less than 2 years. For a quotation contact ESB Networks on 1800 372 757.

Connection guarantees

The Commission for Regulations of Utilities (CRU) has approved a number of guarantees about electricity connection. You can find these guarantees in the ESB Networks Customer Charter.

Read the Customer Charter to understand:

  • the timelines for connecting new premises
  • the compensation you get if they fail to deliver on their guarantees
  • the level of service you can expect from ESB Networks

Interested in connecting to Ireland’s electricity network?

New Connections Process

Learn More (ESBN website)