The CRU's Customer Action Plan describes how the commitments and standards set out in the Customer Charter will be delivered and evaluated by the CRU.

Principles of quality customer service

Our services are based on the guiding 12 Principles of Quality Customer Service for public sector organisations. We monitor our performance against these principles to make sure we are achieving them and take action if we are not.

Quality service standards

Our Customer Charter details the standards of service our customers can expect when interacting with us.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to removing barriers for all people who access our services.

Physical access

We provide suitable physical access to our offices and make sure that all areas meet the necessary standards.


We make sure that all information that we provide to you is clear, understandable and suitable for your needs.

In addition to the complaints resolution service, our Customer Care Team provide information to customers on general consumer rights and other information relating to the activities of the CRU.

Information on this service is detailed in the Customer Care Customer Charter.

Timeliness and courtesy

We aim to be quick and helpful, patient and polite in all dealings with our customers.


We are committed to dealing with customer complaints with our quality of service in an open and fair manner.

The CRU has a separate complaint resolution service for unresolved complaints by customers about their energy suppliers or network providers in energy or water.

As part of our complaints procedure, we offer an appeal for customers who are dissatisfied with decisions made in relation to complaints about our services.

Consultation and evaluation

Consultation and feedback are important to help us to understand customer expectations, requirements and any shortcomings in the services we provide.

Official languages equality

We recognise and support your right to access our services through the Irish language.

Internal customer

We are committed to making sure that our staff are also recognised as our customers and to enable the provision of excellent service both internally and externally.


We are committed to providing many ways and means for our customers to access our services, information, and how to contact us.

Better coordination

We work with a range of organisations in Ireland and internationally including consumer groups, business groups, sector regulators, government departments and European energy regulators.

Making a Complaint about the CRU

If you have a customer service complaint, customers are asked to follow the CRU complaint procedure.

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