Switching energy supplier is free and easy to do. The following are the four easy steps you need to take to switch supplier.

Step 1 – Find Out

Find out about your current energy use as this will help you pick the best option when changing supplier.

You should find out who your current supplier is, how much energy you use and how much you pay now. All this information is on your bill. You should also find out when your current contact (discount period) finishes. If you’re not sure about this, ask your supplier.

Step 2 – Renegotiate

Your current supplier doesn’t want you to switch and they may be willing to offer you a better tariff if you stay with them. So you should contact your supplier and ask what discounts are available to existing customers.

Remember, you are able to move to a new supplier if you wish and as long as you are not on a fixed term contract, there are no penalties or charges for switching.

Step 3 – Shop Around

There are many suppliers in both the gas and electricity markets and they want customers like you to switch to them. There are a range of tariffs available from the different suppliers, so shop around to find the one that suits you best.

Using a price comparison website can make this even easier and there are details above about how to do this. You can also switch suppliers through the price comparison websites at no cost to you, so let them do the hard work for you!

Step 4 – Choose

Now you’ve spoken to your current supplier and used a price comparison website to shop around, you are able to choose the best offer for your needs.

All you need to do now is contact your chosen supplier and confirm you want to switch to them (or do this through the price comparison website).

Helpful tip – There are few things you will need when you switch. For electricity switches you’ll need your Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN) and for gas you’ll need your Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN). These can be found on your current bill. It is also important to provide an up to date meter reading when switching, to ensure you are billed accurately.

When you switch, your new supplier will notify your old supplier. Once your account has been switched you will receive a welcome letter from your new supplier. You will also receive a final bill from your old supplier.

What else do I need to know?

The four steps cover pretty much everything. But before you switch, we recommend you have a quick read of the “What You Need to Know” section above.