We understand that it can be difficult to work out what the best tariff available is. That is why we have accredited comparison websites that can help you find the best supplier and tariff for your needs.

The CRU accreditation means that you can trust the price comparison websites to provide clear, independent and accurate information. If you are thinking about switching supplier, we would advise you to use one our accredited price comparison websites to help you find the best offer available to you. In some cases you may be able to switch supplier through the price comparison website, making it even easier for you to switch.

The price comparison websites accredited by the CRU are:



                    www.bonkers.ie                                          www.switcher.ie                                       




The CRU carry out on-going reviews and audits of the accredited price comparison websites. This means you can be confident that you are always getting clear, independent and accurate information.