Did you know that it is illegal for anyone other than a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) to carry out gas works in your home? The CRU regulate all gas installers who carry out work in your home through the Registered Gas Installer (RGI) scheme.

The RGI scheme is in place to ensure that there is a complete register of gas installers. Anyone who wishes to carry out gas works in households must register with RGII. They regularly assess RGIs to ensure that they are operating in line with the appropriate national safety standards.

The RGI scheme ensures that all domestic gas works are carried out by a competent RGI. By using an RGI you can be confident that you are dealing with a trained installer who has the required expertise in gas safety to ensure your gas installation is safe and that they are fully insured. All RGIs must provide customers with a Declaration of Conformance Certificates (Completion Certificates) to show that the completed works are safe and up to standard. That is why you should only use an RGI and always get a Completion Certificate for any work they complete in your home.

To find out more about the RGI scheme, please visits the RGI website.

There is more information about the CRUs role in regulating the safety of Registered Gas Installers in the safety section of our website.

How Do I Find a Registered Gas Installer?

RGI have a register of all RGIs and you can find one in your area on their website. Their website allows you to search for the list of registered contractors in your specific area and you can then choose which one you wish to contact.

How Do I Report Illegal Works?

If you suspect that someone who is installing, servicing, repairing gas appliances or pipework without being RGI registered, then you should report this to RGI. in order to report any such activity you should go to the Report An Illegal Gas Installer page on the RGI website.

How Do Make a Complaint About a Registered Gas Installer?

If you wish to make a complaint about,

  • The safety of gas work carried out by an RGI, or if you have not been issued a Completion Certificate
  • Aspects relating to the safety regulation of RGIs
  • The operations of RGI

You may submit a complaint to RGI

The CPCC also provides advice for customers when hiring a tradesperson, such as a gas installer, here.