Safe Electric

The Safe Electric scheme covers all Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) working in Ireland. The CRU regulates all Registered Electrical Contractors through the scheme.

The Safe Electric scheme ensures that Registered Electrical Contractors:

  • operate to national standards and technical rules
  • have the technical capability to carry out the work
  • are insured

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Completion Certificates

When a Registered Electrical Contractor carries out work in your home, they must give you a Completion Certificate. This shows that their work is safe and up to standard. You should always ask for a completion certificate for all electrical works completed in your home.

Complain about a Registered Electrical Contractor

You can complain about a Registered Electrical Contractor if:

  • you are not happy with the technical and safety standard of the work
  • you have not received a Completion Certificate
  • the contractor is refusing to give you a Completion Certificate

Complain to Safe Electric about an REC

Report illegal works

Help keep everyone safe. If you suspect that someone who is not a Registered Electrical Contractor is doing electrical work in homes, you should report this to Safe Electric. You should also report anyone describing themselves in a way that suggests they are a REC.

Report illegal works