Did you know that it is illegal for anyone other than a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to carry out electrical work in your home? The CRU regulate all electrical contractors who carry out work in your home through the Safe Electric Scheme.

Safe Electric

The Safe Electric scheme is in place to ensure that there is a complete register of electrical contractors.

Most electrical work in households must be carried out by a REC. Safe Electric regularly assess REC's to ensure that they are operating to the relevant national standards and technical rules.

By using a REC registered through Safe Electric you can be confident that the contractor has the technical capability and that they are fully insured. All REC's must provide customers with a certificate of completion to show that the completed works are safe and up to standard. That is why you should only use a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) and always get a Completion Certificate for any work they complete in your home.

To find out more about Safe Electric, please visits the safeelectric.ie website.

There is more information about the CRU's role regulating the safety of electrical contractors to find out more go to the safety section of our website.

How Do I Find a Registered Electrical Contractor?

Safe Electric have a register of all RECs and you can find one in your area on their website. By going to the “Find a Contractor” page on their website you will be able to locate contractors in your area.

How Do I Report Illegal Works?

If you suspect that someone who is not a REC is performing electrical work in a domestic premises, or describing themselves in a manner likely to suggest that they are a REC, then you should report this to Safe Electric. There is a specific page to Report Illegal Electrical Works on the Safe Electric Website. The page contains details on how to report any suspect activity as well as information on how Safe Electric handle any reports they receive.

How Do Make a Complaint About a Registered Electrical Contractor?

If you wish to make a complaint about the technical and safety standard of the work carried out by a REC or if you have not been issued a Completion Certificate and the REC is refusing to do so, please submit a complaint to Safe Electric.

There is a specific page on the Safe Electric Website where you can submit a complaint. If you would like to lodge a complaint, go to the Electrical Installation Complaint page on the Safe Electric website.