The CRU regulates the industry in accordance with the Petroleum Safety Framework. The underpinning legislation and key PSF documents can be accessed below.

Safety Case Guidelines

Further details on the individual components of the Petroleum Safety Framework and the various application and notification forms for industry use are available below.

Reporting to the European Commission

The CRU is required to report specified incidents to the European Commission as set out in Annex IX of Directive 2013/30/EU on offshore safety. Copies of the annual incident reporting to the European Commission can be viewed below.


No reportable incidents


No reportable incidents


1 reportable incident


No reportable incidents


No reportable incidents


No reportable incidents


No reportable incidents

Issued Acknowledgment of Compliance for Non-production Installations

AoC NoOwnerNon-Production InstallationDate Issued
AoC-01Helix Well Ops (UK)Well Enhancer28/03/2019
AoC-04aStena Drilling Ltd.Stena IceMax14/03/2019
AoC-06Stena Drilling LtdStena Spey01/04/2021

Relevant Publications

Petroleum Safety Framework Documents

In addition to the documents linked throughout this section of the website, the CRU has published the following documents for information:

Other documents

National Cooperation Arrangements

In carrying out its petroleum safety functions the CRU engages with other statutory stakeholders. To ensure open communication, good inter-agency workings and efficient operations, the CRU has developed a number of memoranda of understanding (MoU) together with these state agencies.

International Groups

The CRU is an active member of the following international petroleum safety and regulatory groups. These groups facilitate the sharing of information between regulators and promote improvements in safety standards through industry engagement. Working groups are also established to address specific topics on a regular basis. The work of these groups can include carrying out research, providing training, and conducting multi nation programmes. Further information is provided below and links to recent published reports from the groups can be found above under Relevant Publications.