Irish Water is the single national utility responsible for public water and wastewater services in Ireland and is tasked with operating, improving and investing in the water and wastewater systems in order to provide safe, reliable and high quality services to customers.

Irish Water is responsible for the operation of all public water and wastewater services including:

  • Management of national water and wastewater assets
  • Maintenance of the water and wastewater systems
  • Investment and planning
  • Managing capital projects
  • Customer care and billing

Irish Water is a subsidiary company of Ervia (formerly known as Bord Gáis Éireann) and has two shareholders, Ervia and the Irish Government. The ultimate shareholder of Irish Water is the Irish Government and, on that basis, Irish Water is a state-owned entity.

Irish Water is the sole point of contact for household and business customers connected to water supply and wastewater services. All customers connected to the public water main network or sewerage system are Irish Water customers. This means that if you receive water from the public main and/or your waste water enters the public sewerage system, you are a customer of Irish Water.

The CRU is Irish Water’s economic regulator while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is Irish Water’s environmental regulator. The CRU and the EPA have an MoU that facilitates cooperation and coordination between the two agencies in regulating Irish Water.

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