Connections to the Irish Water Network

Connections to the public water and wastewater network (Irish Water Network) are the responsibility of Irish Water. The CRU approves Irish Water’s connection policy and connection charges. If you require a connection to the Irish Water Network, you need to contact Irish Water directly. Full details of Irish Water’s connection process can be accessed on its website here.

In December 2018 the CRU published a decision on Irish Water’s proposal for new national connection charging policy. This decision impacts anyone wishing to connect (or modify a connection) to the Irish Water Network. Irish Water’s new national connection charging policy came into effect on the 1st April 2019.

The charges for connection and level of service customers can expect from Irish Water relating to their new connection have changed. Irish Water’s new national connection charging policy is more equitable than previous connection charging policy. This is because the charges and services received by customers connecting to the Irish Water network will be the same, regardless of where in the country you connect. Irish Water’s connection charging policy is also clearer, more transparent and easier to understand than the arrangements in place.

Full details of the CRU decision can be found in the publications section of our website. Irish Water’s new connection charging policy is available on Irish Water’s website.

Developer Services

If you are a developer wishing to connect to the Irish Water network, you will need to contact Irish Water or visit Irish Water’s website for more information on your connection.

Irish Water has published Standard Details and Codes of Practice outlining developer requirements and technical guidance in the provision of water and/or wastewater infrastructure that is to be installed in developments. Please see the Developer Services section of Irish Water’s website for further information.

Background Information

Under the Water Services (No. 2) Act 2013, and since the 1st January 2014, Irish Water has been responsible for charging for connections to the Irish Water Network.

Before Irish Water was established, connection charging policy for water and wastewater connections was set out by the Irish Government and implemented by 34 (now 31) Local Authorities (LA's). Under these existing arrangements there are over 900 different connection charges as each Local Authority has different charging methods. The level of service you receive also varies depending what Local Authority you are connecting in.

In October 2014, given the complexity and scale of the task of harmonising over 900 connection charges, the CRU directed Irish Water to continue to apply existing Local Authority connection charging polices until an enduring connection charging policy is in place.

Irish Water submitted its proposals for a new connection charging policy to the CRU for review in autumn 2017. In January 2018 the CRU held a 10-week public consultation on Irish Water’s proposals. This was followed by the publication of our proposed decision which was open for comments for a further 4 weeks.