The CRU’s role in regulating Irish Water

In 2014, the CRU (then called the CER) was appointed as the independent economic regulator of Irish Water.

Our key function, provided for in legislation, is to protect the interests of Irish Water’s customers.

To accomplish this, the CRU:

  • Approves Irish Water’s revenue and charges through revenue control processes;
  • Approves Irish Water’s codes of practice;
  • Advises the Minister on matters related to the delivery of water services;
  • Cooperates with the EPA, Irish Water’s environmental regulator; and
  • Provides a dispute resolution service for customers of Irish Water.

Legislation also requires the CRU to perform its functions with regard to the need to ensure:

  • Consumers are provided with quality of service and their interests are protected;
  • Irish Water provides water services economically and efficiently;
  • Irish Water operates in a commercially viable manner;
  • The conservation of water resources;
  • The continuity, safety, security, and sustainability of water services;
  • Irish Water can meet all reasonable demands for water both current and foreseeable;
  • The recovery of costs of water services in accordance with Article 9 of the EU Water Framework Directive;
  • Irish Water performs its functions in a manner that will enable the State to meet its environmental objectives of that Directive; and
  • Irish Water performs its functions in an open and transparent manner.

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders include:

  • Irish Water’s customers
  • The Irish Government
  • Irish Water
  • Customer interest groups, such as the National Water Forum and National Disability Authority
  • The CRU’s Customer Stakeholder Group
  • The CRU’s Non-Domestic Water User Group
  • Other regulators, such as the EPA
  • The Water Advisory Body – Established under the Water Services Act 2017, to advise the Minister on the measures needed to improve the transparency and accountability of Irish Water for the purpose of increasing the confidence of members of the public in Irish Water;
  • WAREG – The CRU is a member of the European Water Regulators Group (WAREG), a group of economic regulators who assemble to learn from each other’s experiences and support the development of effective regulation of the water and wastewater industry in Europe.

How does the CRU communicate with the public?

The CRU is committed to openness, transparency, and public inclusiveness. We communicate with the public through the following channels: