When will the PSO Payments start?

The PSO Payment commenced 1st March 2023. The dates when an individual customer will receive the PSO Payment will depend on the timing of their billing cycle.

How much PSO Payment will the final customer get?

The total PSO Payment for 2022/23 for domestic final customers is €89.10, which will be spread over the seven months at €12.73 a month. Small commercial customers will receive a total of €311.51 at €44.50 a month over seven months and Medium/Large commercial customers €37.82/kVa per annum at €5.40 / kVa a month over seven months.

PSO Repayments

PSO Customer Category2022/23 PSO Payment AmountProrated PSO Payment Amount 2022/23 (7 months)
Small commercial (MIC<30 kVA)€311.51€44.50
Medium/Large commercial (MIC≤ 30kVA)€37.82/ kVa€5.40/ kVa

What happens if I switch electricity supplier? Will I still get the PSO Payment?

Yes. If you switch your supplier mid-month, it is your new supplier, that you switched to, that will provide your PSO Payment. The new supplier will apply the PSO Payment as a credit to your bill or prepayment meter. This should happen automatically with no action required by the customer.

What will be the PSO Payment procedure for prepayment customers?

Prepayment customers will receive their PSO payment through an adjustment in your daily standing charge. The reduction in daily standing charge will be based on dividing the total PSO payment amount for 2022-23 (€89.10) by the overall number of days from the 1st of March 2023 to 30th September 2023 (214 days). That will be €0.416 per day PSO payment reduction in your daily standing charge.

When will the PSO Payments start for customers?

Electricity Suppliers will credit customer accounts, or in the case of prepayment customers, their meter, starting from 1st March 2023. However, the exact date the PSO Payments will be credited to your bill will depend on your supplier’s particular billing arrangements.

Who should I contact if I don’t receive the PSO Payments?

For bill customers, the date you receive your payment will depend on the date that your supplier normally sends you your bill. If you haven’t received your first PSO Payment by the 1st of June 2023, please contact your electricity supplier. You can find their contact details on your most recent bill or statement. For prepayment customers, the first deduction from the daily standing charge should begin on 1st March 2023,