You may discover that you have a leak on your property or Uisce Éireann may contact you if they identify a potential leak. Every meter installed by Uisce Éireann has a leak alarm that tells them if there is a suspected leak at a property. If Uisce Éireann identify a leak at your property, they will let you know.

Uisce Éireann are responsible for leaks on the mains pipes, up to and including the water meter. Customer responsibility for pipework usually ends at the boundary of the property

Uisce Éireann pipe responsibility diagram

Water Leaks in The Home

Customers are responsible for any leaks found on their property or within their houses. Checking for leaks in your home can help save water.

Here are some simple checks that you can carry out in your home to determine if there are any internal plumbing issues causing leaks:

Check the toilet

Is there a constant sound of water running from any of the toilet cisterns in your home? Check for a stream of water running inside the toilet bowl or place a piece of toilet paper on the inside back of the toilet bowl and see if it absorbs water.

Check the water storage tank

Can you hear the water storage tank (usually located in the attic) refilling when water-consuming appliances are not in use or a toilet has not been recently flushed? It’s useful to carry out this check at night when it’s quiet. You can also check for signs of water coming from overflow pipes leading from the water storage tank, usually seen on the external wall on the side of your home.

Check all taps

Check all your household and external garden taps for drips. A dripping tap can waste over 1,500 litres of water per year (which is enough water to fill 20 bathtubs) and can be repaired by simply replacing the washer.

Any customer who has a query in relation to a leak on their property or who finds a leak on public property can report it can contact Uisce Éireann.

Uisce Éireann's First Fix Free Scheme

If a leak is located between the property boundary and the entry to the house may qualify for Uisce Éireann’s First Fix Free Scheme.

This scheme has been developed by Uisce Éireann to reduce the levels of drinking water that are lost in the system.

This scheme only applies to leaks that are discovered on a customer’s external supply pipe. Any leaks that occur inside the house are outside of this scheme.

This scheme is available to customers that meet the following criteria:

  • Registered customers of Uisce Éireann
  • Have a confirmed leak on the external supply pipe
  • Have a water meter installed on the property
  • Have a working and accessible inside stop valve

More information on Uisce Éireann's First Fix Free Scheme