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A customer had a new gas meter installed as part of Gas Network Ireland’s (GNI’s) meter replacement programme. During installation, safety tests conducted by GNI identified four faults and a gas leak inside the customer’s property. The GNI technician, following due process, disconnected the gas supply.

The customer was unhappy as it led to them having no gas for a period and having to purchase a new boiler to fix the leak. The customer contacted the CRU requesting that they have GNI amend their process to ensure that customers are notified in advance that the above scenario (disconnection due to safety issue) can occur when meters are exchanged. The customer also requested that GNI have a registered gas installer (RGI) at a customer’s property to carry out repairs before the gas supply is cut off.


The CRU, following investigation, did not uphold the customer's complaint as GNI disconnected the customer's gas supply due to safety reasons. The CRU was satisfied that the customer was provided with sufficient information concerning the meter exchange and safety check and could have had an RGI present if they opted to. More generally, the CRU was satisfied that sufficient information is provided to customers before a meter exchange.

In most cases no faults are identified in properties that maintain their gas installation or appliances. The CRU acknowledges the inconvenience caused to customers in such rare instances, however, gas safety is a priority. The CRU encourage customers to have their gas appliances maintained or serviced annually. A list of RGIs can be found at

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