This customer had a smart meter installed as part of the national rollout of smart meters. They were sent letters by ESBN in advance of the meter installation, which happened in September 2022.

When the customer discovered a smart meter had been installed, they requested that it be removed.


The CRU reviewed the process ESBN followed before they installed the smart meter. The investigation showed ESBN had followed the correct process. There was no evidence to suggest the customer had advised ESBN that they did not want a smart meter before it was installed.

Therefore, the CRU did not uphold this customer’s complaint or instruct ESBN to remove the smart meter.


The rollout of the national smart metering plan through ESBN was approved by the CRU following public consultation. ESBN must ensure it follows the correct process in installing smart meters.

ESBN is also required to ensure all meters meet Irish and EU product, health and safety standards, and international standards set by relevant bodies including the World Health Organisation. More information about these standards is available on ESBN’s website.

ESBN is in the process of upgrading all electricity meters to smart meters and as such, older analogue meters are no longer available to be installed at premises. ESBN meters are the property of ESBN and remain so at all times. ESBN has a duty to ensure that meters are functioning correctly, and if they determine an analogue meter needs to be replaced in the future, they will replace it with a smart meter.

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