ESB Networks

All electricity customers have meters installed in their homes. ESB Networks installs and maintains your electricity meter. They also:

  • Take meter readings four times a year and estimated readings twice a year.
  • Send your meter readings to your energy supplier. Your energy supplier then bills you based on your usage.

Meter Readings

When the ESB Networks meter reader visits your property to read the meter, they will need to access it. Sometimes, if the gates are locked, there is something blocking the meter, or you are not there to give them access, they will not be able to take a reading.

If they cannot access the meter to take a reading they will:

  • leave a card in the mailbox to let you know that they were there
  • tell you how you send in your own electricity meter reading
  • if ESB Networks are unable to obtain an actual meter reading and you do not send in your own meter reading or have a smart meter, then ESB Networks will estimate your usage. If you don’t have a smart meter, in order to ensure you are accurately billed, it is always best to allow ESB Networks access to your meter and to submit your own meter reading.

Types of meter readings on your bill

You can see on your electricity bill what type of meter reading was taken for your bill.

A: means an actual meter read was obtained by ESB Networks. This could be a manual meter reading or, if you have a smart meter, an automatic meter reading.

C: means a meter read was submitted by the customer

E: means your bill has been calculated using an estimated meter reading

Estimated Bills

If you have too many estimated bills in a row, your bill may not be accurate. This means when an actual meter read takes place, your bill may be larger than expected. To avoid this happening:

  • Check your bills to make sure they're not always estimated. Look for the letter 'E' beside usage on your bill.
  • If you receive an estimated bill, check the difference between the meter reading noted on the bill and your actual meter reading.
  • If there is a big difference, submit your own meter read. Then can you be sure you are being billed properly and a future bill won't surprise you.

If you have a query about your bill contact your electricity supplier.

How to read your electricity meter

There are four main types of electricity meters in use.

  1. Mechanical revolving disc meters
  2. Electronic meters
  3. Pay as You Go meters
  4. Smart meters

ESB Networks has instructions on how to read your electricity meter.

Submit an electricity meter reading

You can submit a meter read to ESB Networks or to your energy supplier. When submitting a reading, you will need your:

  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). You will find this at the top of the front page of your electricity bill.
  • Meter reading

You can submit a meter reading to ESB Networks in a number of ways.

Issues with your electricity meter

If you have questions or a complaint about your meter you should contact ESB Networks.

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