Switch On to your Savings! Learn more about how to save money on your energy bill!

Switch On To Savings

Did you know that you could save up to €300 a year by switching energy supplier? You can even save money with your existing supplier if you renegotiate when your contract is up.  Our videos detail how easy is it to switch and give you information on how to make those savings.

‘Switch-On to Savings’ Campaign Videos

CRU – #SwitchOn To Savings – Easy Switching

If you want to switch supplier, you just have to shop around for a better deal and once you’ve chosen your new supplier, they’ll do all the work. 

CRU – #SwitchOn to Savings – Fridges & Freezers

Controlling the temp of your fridge and freezer can save energy and money. Freezers should be set to -15C and Fridges should be set between 2C – 3C.

CRU – #SwitchOn to Savings – Use Less Energy

Using less energy is good for the environment and can save you money. Reducing energy usage will make a big difference.

CRU – #SwitchOn to Savings – MPRN & GPRN

To switch suppliers, find your unique meter-point reference number (MPRN) or gas-point reference number (GPRN) found on your bills.

CRU – #SwitchOn to Savings – Before Switching

 If your current supplier is paid up in full and your contract is over, you’re in a prime position to switch suppliers and save money.