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Switch On to Safety

Do you know who to call when you smell gas in your home? Do you know that you should switch off all electrical appliances before to bed? Our videos will give you simple tips on how to become more aware of your energy safety within the home.

‘Switch-On to Safety’ Campaign Videos

CRU – #SwitchOn to Safety – Registered Gas Installer

A registered installer ensures they have the right safety standards. Always ask for a certificate of completion after the work is finished.

CRU – #SwitchOn to Safety – Illegal Gas Works

Always use a registered gas installer when having gas work done in your home. You can find out how to check if an installer is registered on our website.

CRU – #SwitchOn to Safety – Illegal Electrical Works

If you think electrical work is being done be someone who isn’t properly registered, you can report illegal works on the Safe Electric website.