Smart Services Go Live for Smart Meter Customers

Smart Services Go Live for Smart Meter Customers

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities today welcomed the launch of smart services by electricity supply companies for electricity customers in Ireland with Smart Meters.

These new services will allow customers to make more informed choices about their electricity consumption and to shift some electricity consumption to off peak times of the day when energy is cheaper.

This will enable more efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy as Ireland transitions to a low-carbon future by facilitating the development of Ireland’s growing renewable generation.

These services are enabled by Smart Meters, the next generation of electricity meters which are being rolled out in Ireland, and internationally. This new technology will replace all meters, bringing benefits to Irish consumers, the economy and the environment.

The National Smart Metering Programme will see 2.4 million Smart Meters installed by the end of December 2024 as part of a phased rollout of the project.  To date, almost 250,000 meters have been installed in customer’s homes and businesses. A further 500,000 are scheduled to be installed in each of the next four years until the end of 2024.

Smart Services

Smart meters can now facilitate greater smart services functionality that can provide more frequent and accurate information on customer’s electricity usage and reduce the need for estimated bills.

As part of these new smart services, Suppliers will now offer a range of smart ‘Time of Use’ Tariffs to customers who have had a smart meter installed.  These tariffs are a new way for customers to save money by moving their usage to off peak times, which will also facilitate greater levels of renewable energy to be integrated into the national grid.

Commenting on the announcement, Chairperson for the CRU, Aoife MacEvilly said:“Today is an important milestone in the overall National Smart Meter Programme and another step towards a lower carbon future for Ireland.  As the programme continues to rollout over the next four years, the smart services that are now available will have greater positive impact on the environment, consumer choice and competition. Smart services will have a range of benefits for customers to allow them more control over their energy usage and their bills and will assist customers to actively engage and play their part in the energy transition.

Commenting on the announcement, Paddy Hayes, Managing Director, ESB Networks said: “ESB Networks welcomes the launch of smart electricity services enabled by the continuing delivery of the national smart meter programme. With an increasing proportion of Ireland’s electricity coming from renewables, smart meters will help households to play an active part in climate action.”

Commenting on the announcement, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamonn Ryan TD, welcomed the announcement saying “Smart meters provide critical information to citizens, helping them to both save money and actively participate in our energy system. These meters will play an important role in the Microgeneration Scheme which will be available this summer, allowing citizens to generate their own power and sell some of it into the grid. Smart meters will help us increase the proportion of our electricity that comes from wind and solar – an important step as we decarbonise our economy in line with the Government’s Climate Action Plan.”