By the end of 2024, every electricity meter will have been replaced by a next-generation smart meter. Find out more about the National Smart Metering Programme.

As part of the Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks are replacing every electricity meter with a smart meter.

Every home and business in Ireland will have a smart electricity meter by the end of 2024.

This move from mechanical meters to the next generation will make it easier to manage our energy use, save money and lower our carbon footprint.

Learn more about how you will benefit from this move on our smart meters page.


You will not need to pay for your smart meter. The cost of this national upgrade will be repaid over time, via electricity charges.

The replacement of 2.4 million electricity meters is costing about €1.2bn.

We completed an extensive analysis of the plan and are satisfied that this investment represents value for money.

When you will get a smart meter

ESB Networks, or a company working on their behalf, are replacing all meters in Ireland.

The programme began in 2019, which means many meters have already been replaced. ESB Networks will let you know when we are coming to your area to replace your meter.

Smart meters