Published Date: 07 Dec 2017

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Consultation on Supplier of Last Resort in Prepayment Electricity

Consultation is now closed

The CRU has today published a Consultation Paper on the Supplier of Last Resort in the Prepayment Electricity Sector. The Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) forms part of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities’ (CRU) customer protection framework. It ensures that if an electricity or gas supplier leaves the retail market, a customer’s supply will continue.

The purpose of this consultation paper is to consider what improvements could be made to the SoLR regulatory framework as it operates in the electricity prepayment sector. Our principle objective is to protect the interests of existing and future customers and that, in the event a supplier exiting the market, customers continue to receive a supply of electricity, irrespective of the type of service they receive from their supplier.

Responses to this consultation paper should be made to Elaine Gallagher at by Friday, 26 January 2018.

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CRU17333 Supplier of Last Resort in Prepayment Electricity - Consultation Paper