Published Date: 27 May 2021

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Strategic Plan 2022-24

Consultation is now closed

The CRU has commenced preparation of its Strategic Plan for 2022-24 which will be a guiding framework for the CRU’s planning, resourcing, prioritisation, monitoring and reporting activities. We are seeking your input to identify strategic issues which you feel should be considered as part of the strategy development work.

Responses to this questionnaire, which form part of the early discovery work, will contribute directly to our priorities in our new Strategy Plan 2022- 2024. Your insights are extremely valuable and appreciated.

Strategic issues may be fundamental policy questions or challenges which must be addressed for the CRU to achieve its vision, mission, and mandate, for example, maintaining security of energy supply while supporting Ireland’s 2050 decarbonisation targets.


To complete the survey, please click on this link and submit to us by 21 June 2021.


Please note that submissions will be subject to the Freedom of Information Acts. On completion of this consultation, the CRU may publish all submissions online.

As your name and contact details are collected along with your responses, by completing this survey you are consenting to the processing of your personal data. The CRU will only use this information for the purposes of contacting you in relation to the responses you have provided.

The CRU Privacy Notice sets out how we process your personal data and can be found here.


For information, the CRU’s current Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is available at link below.