Published Date: 12 Apr 2019

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Security of Supply: Generator Financial Reporting Obligations

Consultation is now closed

The CRU has today, 12th April 2019, published a Consultation Paper on its proposals for generators to provide additional financial reporting to the CRU to help mitigate the risk of a future disorderly exit.

The objective of introducing additional financial reporting requirements for generators is to identify potential vulnerabilities which could impact the market and pose a risk to local security of supply, specifically a potential disorderly exit. As noted in its paper ‘Dublin Security of Supply: Measures to mitigate the risk of disorderly exit’ (CRU/18/228), the CRU committed to consult on measures requiring generators to demonstrate and report, on an annual basis, that they are in a position to fulfil their Grid Code obligations, in particular the three-year closure notice period.  This is one of a range of measures that the CRU has decided to progress to protect local security of supply.

 The CRU is requesting comments and feedback on its proposals by the 29th May 2019. Comments/feedback on the questions proposed should be submitted by email to


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CRU19041 Consultation Paper- Security of Supply- Generator Financial Reporting Obligations