Published Date: 21 Feb 2019

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PSO Levy 2019/20

The CRU, on 18 December 2018, published a Notification to Suppliers, calling for submissions to the 2019/20 PSO Levy. This Notification lays out the information requirements and the timeline for 2019/20 PSO submissions, as well as providing details of a number of changes to the PSO administration process. The onus is on all suppliers- both new and existing to familiarise themselves with the requirements set out in this Notification and the associated legislative obligations

The CRU, on 18 December 2018, published a Notification to Suppliers, which details the CRU’s requirements with respect to the engagement of auditors for the certification of suppliers’ PSO costs. This paper supersedes CER/17/021 and provides further clarification to suppliers of their auditing requirements, when seeking the CRU’s approval of their PSO costs. These measures apply with immediate effect, including submissions for outturn costs from the 2017/18 PSO period.

The CRU, on 21 February 2019, published an information note (CRU/19/017) to clarify the the treatment of outturn costs for the 2019/20 PSO cycle. Specifically, when making their 2019/20 PSO submission, suppliers are advised to exclude the final hour of 2017/18 outturn costs (i.e. costs occurred between 23:00 hr – 0:00 hr on the 30 September 2018), as such costs were incurred under the revised SEM trading arrangements arising from I-SEM implementation. This hour of outturn (if applicable) should instead be included in suppliers 2018/19 outturn costs when making their 2020/21 PSO submission to the CRU. Further queries should be directed to

The CRU has, on 20 June 2019, published an Information Note clarifying the auditing requirements for 2019/20 PSO submissions.

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CRU18258 Notification to Suppliers Engagement of Auditors  Regarding Certification of the PSO Levy


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CRU18259 Notification to Suppliers Submissions to the CRU for the 2019.20 PSO Levy