Published Date: 11 Oct 2021

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Offshore Grid Connection

The CRU has today, 11 October 2021, published a Proposed Decision paper (CRU/21/112) on proposals for the next stage of processing for Phase 1 offshore grid connection applications. This paper marks the first consultation by the CRU related to a new regulatory framework for the offshore electricity transmission system.

The outcome of the first stage of Phase 1 offshore application processing, EirGrid’s report “Offshore Phase 1 Projects – Grid Connections Assessment”, is published alongside this paper (CRU/21/112a).

In the CRU’s Proposed Decision paper, it is proposed that EirGrid will issue a Grid Connection Assessment (GCA) to each eligible Phase 1 applicant. This GCA will detail the method and cost of connecting a Phase 1 project to the transmission system at its onshore connection point. These proposals relate to Phase 1 offshore projects only. 

The criteria of this GCA are the subject of this paper. Following consultation on this Proposed Decision paper, the CRU will decide on the criteria for the Phase 1 GCA early in Q1 2022.

The CRU welcomes responses on the proposals. Comments should be submitted via email by Monday 22 November 2021 to

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CRU21112 - Proposed Decision - Offshore Grid Connection Assessment - Phase 1 projects


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CRU21112a - EirGrid - Offshore Phase 1 Projects - Grid Connections Assessments - March21