Published Date: 19 Apr 2021

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Irish Water’s First Fix Scheme

The CRU has today, 19 April 2021, published a decision to expand the eligibility criteria for Irish Water’s First Fix Scheme. The First Fix Scheme entitles qualifying domestic customers to a leak investigation and repair to their external supply pipe free of charge. Until now, customers needed to have a water meter at their property to qualify for the scheme. This decision allows thousands of previously ineligible domestic water customers to avail of a free leak investigation and repair.

The CRU has decided to expand the scheme to the following types of customers:

  • Unmetered customers
  • Mixed-use customers with a predominant domestic use
  • Customers with a shared service connection
  • Unregistered customers

Additionally, the presence of an internal stop valve (to investigate if the leak is located externally) will no longer be required for a customer to be eligible for the scheme.

All related documents, including Irish Water’s previous First Fix Scheme policy and the 2015 CRU First Fix decision paper are available here.

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