Published Date: 30 Apr 2020

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Irish Water Compliance Audits

The CRU conducts audits of Irish Water to monitor compliance with the requirements contained in the Domestic and Non-Domestic Customer Handbooks (CRU/17319 and CRU/18041). The aim of such audits is to protect consumers by ensuring that Irish Water implements, and adheres to, processes and procedures which meet the requirements of the Handbooks.

The CRU has, on 30 April 2020, published the first audit of Irish Water following the issuance of the Boil Water Notices in relation to the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant in October and November 2019.

The CRU has, on 29 July 2020 , published the findings of its first regularly scheduled Spot Check on Irish Water, conducted in Q1 2020

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CRU20052 Leixlip Water Treatment Plant BWN – Irish Water Compliance Audit