Published Date: 11 Dec 2018

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Harmonised Transmission Tariff Methodology for Gas

Consultation Open

The CRU has today, 11 December 2018, published a Consultation Paper, which sets out the CRU’s proposed harmonised transmission tariff methodology for gas.

Different approaches to tariff setting for gas transmission services among European Union (EU) Member States makes using EU gas transmission networks more complex for network users, leading to inefficient use and development of the transmission networks, and, potentially, to inefficient gas trades. This can result in increased costs for the gas consumer. The EU network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas (TAR NC) was published by the EU Commission, aiming to overcome such issues. In accordance with TAR NC, this consultation paper incorporates both consultations required under Article 26 and Article 28. With this consultation the CRU is not only aiming to ensure that a harmonised transmission tariff structure exists in Ireland, it also aims to ensure that the Irish transmission tariff methodology continues to appropriately reflect the unique characteristics of the Irish gas network and market, to the benefit of gas consumers. In addition, a new aspect of the methodology that is under review are entry tariffs for biogas facilities that will inject gas into the transmission network.

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11 Feb 2019


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CRU18247 Harmonised Transmission Tariff Methodology for Gas Consultation Paper