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Gas Innovation Reporting Framework

The CRU notes that, on 20 February 2020, Gas Networks Ireland published a report on the PC4 Gas Innovation Fund. This fund is a portion of GNI’s allowed revenues for the PC4 Period (October 2017- September 2022) and facilitates GNI providing funding to projects with the potential to deliver significant carbon savings; increase throughput through the gas system; assist in the transition to a low carbon economy; and provide measurable value to all gas customers.

The report was prepared pursuant to the Gas Innovation Reporting Framework established by the CRU in 2018 (CRU18180) and includes a commentary from the CRU. The report sets out the outputs and outcomes of GNI’s management of the PC4 Innovation Fund during its first two years, from October 2017 to September 2019. It has been published in order to give customers a clear picture of how the fund is being utilised and the benefits it is generating for them


The report is available on GNI’s website here


The CRU, on 30 August 2018, published an Information Paper, which sets out the Gas Innovation Reporting Framework.

As part of its PC4 decision the CRU allowed a combined (Transmission & Distribution) innovation fund of up to €20.0m. Through the innovation fund the CRU provides support to innovative projects that have the potential to provide benefits to the gas network. The gas innovation reporting framework details the types of reports and the type of information that GNI is required to provide to the CRU as part of the CRU’s monitoring of the innovation fund. In addition, this paper sets out the criteria against which the CRU will assess the use of innovation funding and how it will inform the public of this assessment. The CRU’s priority when developing this Framework has been to ensure, in so far as possible, that the gas customer’s investment in innovation is providing a benefit to all gas customers.