Published Date: 15 Jan 2014

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CER-UR Transmission Tariffs re Gas Storage


Industry Update on Transmission Tariffs for Storage


The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) and Utility Regulator (UR)
have today published a joint industry update on transmission tariffs for

 The CER and UR recognise that there are regulatory barriers to cross
border use of all-island gas storage that would not be an issue in a single gas market with a single entry/exit tariff regime. The
CER and UR are seeking to reduce or even eliminate these regulatory barriers to
achieve a regime which is consistent with a more harmonised European gas
market. The arrangements on how to achieve this are currently being progressed
by both regulators.

 In light of the work that CER and UR have previously carried out in this
area and recognising the shared goals with our European partners, both
regulators are committed to removing regulatory barriers and putting in place a
tariff regime which facilitates the use of storage facilities on a cross border

 The note also sets out a high-level timeline for the development of this

 Any further queries can be addressed to Colm Ó Gormáin  ( at the CER or Richard Hume
( at
the Utility Regulator.

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Joint RA Storage Arrangements - Industry update (CER14003)