CRU Welcomes 2018 European Commission Citizens’ Energy Forum to Dublin

CRU Welcomes 2018 European Commission Citizens’ Energy Forum to Dublin

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) welcomes the opening of the 10th annual European Commission Citizen’s Energy Forum, which is being held in Dublin Castle from 20 – 21 September 2018.

The European Commission established the Citizens’ Energy Forum in 2008 and it meets on an annual basis to explore the consumers’ perspective and role in a competitive, ‘smart’, energy-efficient and fair energy retail market.

As such, the Forum serves to structure the debate and channel consumers’, regulators’ and industry’s views on the energy market and its future, directly feeding into the work of the Commission in energy and consumer policy areas.

The Forum has previously been held in London but with Brexit approaching, the European Commission made the decision to move the Forum to Dublin. The European Commission have invited a cross section of industry stakeholders and consumer representative groups from across Europe to participate in the policy debate on energy consumer rights.

A key objective of this Forum is to discuss the role of consumers in the energy market in the context of the measures proposed by the Clean Energy for all Europeans package and the recently adopted New Deal for Consumers package.  The forum will be presenting innovative solutions on the energy retail market in terms of consumer engagement and business models.

The Forum will analyse the empowerment of the consumer within the Clean Energy for all Europeans package, which encourages active consumer engagement.  This package aims to remove obstacles to innovation in retail energy markets, but also assist consumers to actively engage with the markets to extract maximum value from these product advancements.

Aoife MacEvilly, CRU Commissioner with responsibility for Retail Markets said, “The CRU is delighted to welcome the European Commission, fellow energy regulators, consumer protection bodies and all delegates to the 10th Citizens’ Energy Forum.  The Forum has been at the forefront in addressing the many challenges that consumers face in what has become a much more open and diversified energy market, both in Ireland and across Europe.

The challenge for regulators is to facilitate and promote engagement by consumers with the energy market.  The Forums’ objective is to see how energy policy can help empower consumers to be aware of their rights and to benefit from active engagement in energy markets.”


The Citizens’ Energy Forum 2018 is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator.