Reduce your use

We can all see how war and conflict are affecting energy prices across Europe. It’s no different in Ireland.

The government is providing supports to reduce the impact of rising energy prices on homes and businesses. You can also take steps to reduce your energy use to save money and limit our reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Save Energy in Your Home

SEAI is Ireland's authority on sustainable energy. They can help you make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and cheaper to run. Check our their energy saving tips to help you reduce your energy consumption and save money.

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Home Energy Grants

If you like what you are able to achieve with SEAI’s energy saving tips, then you might want to find out more about their range of home energy grants. These grants are for homeowners and landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties. The SEAI also deliver free energy upgrades to homeowners who receive certain welfare payments.

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Reduce Your Transport Costs

By reducing our use of transport fuel, we can save money, reduce the impact of the energy crisis and help deliver on our climate ambitions. The Department of Transport has supports and tips to help people and businesses reduce their transport costs.

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Support for Business

A range of of government supports, resources and grants are available to reduce energy costs and usage in business. There are options for all businesses, from micro, to SME's and large industry.

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