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Make a submission to the CRU consultation on its Strategic Plan 2025-27.

The deadline for our strategic plan consultation has been extended by two weeks, to 15 July. The strategy will confirm our strategic priorities as we work to ensure safe, secure and sustainable supplies of energy and water, for the benefit of customers now and in the future. 

Our current Statement of Strategy (2022-2024) sets out our priorities to: 

  • Ensure Security of Supply 
  • Drive a Low Carbon Future 
  • Empower and Protect Customers 
  • Enable our people and organisational capacity 

You are invited to participate in this consultation and contribute your views about the future strategic direction of the organisation. Your feedback is important as it will directly inform the preparation of the new Statement of Strategy for the CRU.

If you have questions about this consultation, please contact us at as strategicplan@cru.ie.

Please note your response will be publicly available for viewing on the portal at the end of the consultation. If you require your response to remain confidential, please clearly state this in your response.