The CRU published the National Energy Demand Strategy (NEDS) Consultation Paper (CRU2023148) on the 21st December 2023. The consultation will remain open until Friday, 16th February 2024.

The CRU has been assigned as the lead organisation and is working closely with the key stakeholders, including DECC, DETE, Eirgrid, ESBN, GNI and others, to develop the demand side strategy for Ireland. The input and actions of many different stakeholders are required to ensure a successful outcome. It is therefore imperative that a collaborative approach to the NEDS is adopted.

In line with this, the CRU and DECC are calling on all stakeholders, including consumers, industry, Government departments, semi-state entities, agencies and any other interested parties, to engage as we move to the next stage in developing the NEDS. This will help to identify the means by which we can develop and align policy, regulation and other measures to deliver greater flexibility in our energy use and support decarbonisation ambitions.

To facilitate this engagement, an online Stakeholder Workshop is planned for Wednesday 31st January 2024, 9am - 1pm. This will provide stakeholders with a summary of information from the recently published Consultation Paper, including the proposed approach and measures included in the NEDS. It will also provide an opportunity for questions and clarifications prior to stakeholders submitting written feedback to the consultation which closes February 16th. The objective of the workshop is to assist stakeholders in submitting responses to the Consultation Paper questions.

The Stakeholder Workshop will include:

  • An overview of the NEDS and the content of the Consultation Paper that has been published
  • A presentation by DECC on related aspects
  • Summary information on the proposals within the three Focus Areas of the NEDS:
  • Q&A

If industry bodies/associations wish to make a short (i.e. 5 minutes) prepared contribution at the workshop please email the CRU at energydemandstrategy@cru.ie and we will try to accommodate that in the agenda.


Date: 09:00 – 13:00, Wednesday 31st January 2024

Venue: Online
Cost Free of charge

Register: Here

Please register your interest by 17:00 on Thursday 25th January 2024.

In advance of the workshop, participants are invited to submit questions and areas of particular interest via the signup form, this will help us in organising the discussion.